About Hartery Music House

Hartery Music House provides performance, tech support and music education in a variety of settings, and is basically an umbrella-term for all the arts-related work done by Natasha Hartery Blackwood. That’s me! Hi!

I like to play music, teach music, and make music happen. I do that through performing with various groups around town such as Eastern Owl, and Ilia Nicoll and the Hot Toddies, as well as many different choral and theatre productions. I also have twenty private students in my home studio, and teach group sessions with various businesses and organizations. You can also find me as the Technical Director with Spirit Song Festival, managing different arts-related projects such as Jazz East Big Band, or back stage as a stage manager or sound technician. I’m flat out, all the time!

I have a degree in Jazz Performance from St. FX, a degree in Music Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a diploma in Recording Arts from College of the North Atlantic.

I’m also really nice and I love hearing new ideas, so write me any time if you have a question about my work, or an idea for a special project or recording!