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vocals, keys and woodwinds



Current Projects

Solo album in progress, featuring Paddy Byrne, Chris Donnelly, Andrew Strickland, Ryan Kennedy, Leon White, Jazz East Horns, Lady Cove Women’s Choir, and more!

Eastern Owl -

Jazz East Big Band -

Ilia Nicoll and the Hot Toddies -

Cat Bowring Band (Aretha Franklin Tribute) -

and Doctor Androbox -

Notable past credits:
N’ar Doubt (lead vocals and synths)
The Long Distance Runners (keys, percussion, horns)
Shadows and Light: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. (direction and vocals)
The Wobblypops (fake prom forever!)
The Burning Hell (European and Canadian tour 2011, baritone sax)
St. John’s does David Bowie. Directed by Andrew Strickland (keys and saxophone)
The Beach B’ys. Directed by Ryan Kennedy. (saxophone, flute and clarinet)